Dual display workspaces have become the standard over the last few years, enabling increased efficiency and improved workflow.
All intel-based MacBook Pro and Air models since 2016, have natively supported multiple external displays via their Thunderbolt USB-C ports and connected docks/hubs..

However, the new M1 MacBook Pro and Air models, no longer natively support multiple external displays via their Thunderbolt USB-C ports. They only support one external display natively, which is not a limitation of the USB-C hubs and docks, but of the Thunderbolt 3 / USB4 ports on the new M1-based Macs.
To enable the dual display setup for M1, as well as Intel-based Mac’s, LINQ byELEMENTS has developed D2 - Dual Display Technology for Mac! MST for M1 and Intel Mac’s | SOLVED!

Extended Connectivity.
Without Compromises.

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