Pro Studio

The 9in1 Pro Studio Multiport Hub features a built-in SSD enclosure and expands connectivity with 8 high specification ports such as UHS-II Cardreader and Ultra Fast 2,5Gbe Ethernet

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Triple 4K Display MST

Boost your productivity by expanding your desktop to multiple 4K monitors with this LINQ Triple Display Adapter and have different content on each screen.

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Pro 8K Cables

Delivers a breathtaking immersive 8K resolution for ultra sharp images, photos or video's. Combined with a 60Hz refresh rate, for smoother video playback, sit back, relax and enjoy your home cinema!

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Dual 4K HDMI
for Macbook M1 and M2

Supercharge your MacBook M2 with a dual 4K display setup, with this 7in2 Pro Multiport hub. Expand with USB3.2 Gen2 & Gigabit Ethernet.

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USB 4.0
Pro Cable

Experience Next Gen Speeds with the LINQ USB4 Pro Cable! Designed as the best and fastest (but durable) cable for use with your external harddrives, our USB4 cable provides transfer speeds up to 40Gbps, Display up to 8K@60Hz and Power Delivery 3.1 EPR up to 240W!

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Dual Display for Macbook M1 and M2!
Designed for M1 & M2 to supercharge your 4K display setup

Supercharge your MacBook with the 7in2 D2 Pro Multiport Hub and enable your M1 and M2 to connect not one, but two 4K external displays.
Designed and engineered for M1, M2, M1 Pro, M1 Max and Intel MacBooks.

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Extended Connectivity.
Without Compromises.

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