“Love and care for our planet and its people is a core part of our DNA at LINQ byELEMENTS.

It is our goal to make our products as sustainable and responsible as possible and reduce our carbon impact where we can.

Our commitment to reduction of our carbon footprint at LINQ starts with proactivly designing and engineering our products with more and more recycled, recyclable and/or environmentally friendly materials. Making smarter use of our resources and controlling and minimizing waste in production processes.

Our commitment and vision goes beyond just a material selection and includes manufacturing, packaging and total product life-cycle. “


Committed to impact change with our products.

We believe it is our responsibiltiy to design a positive impact into our products life-cycle.
Starting with the materials used in the creation of the product, but also including the environment of the skillfull assembly workers that make them, in which material we protect and pack them, how we transport them, and last but certainly not least how long they can be used.

Materials / Manufacturing / Pack / Ship / Product Lifecycle

100% Recycled Aluminium

As one of the first brands in the world, similar like Apple, LINQ byELEMENTS has switched to using 100% recycled aluminium for our hub enclosures and cable plugs.

Usage of recycled aluminum was a no-brainer for us as aluminium is a key material in our products. The creation of recycled aluminium saves up to 90-95% of energy needed compared to the process of mining and creating new aliminium from bauxite ore.

Our goal is to add use of 100% recycled plastic to our sustainability roadmap by end of 2022. Some parts already use this material and we’re planning to complete the transitioning from fossil fuel based plastics to certified GRS (Global Recycled Standard) plastics.

100% Paper Only Packaging

Committed to more environmental friendly packaging in 2020 changed to a full paper construction for our packaging.

100% Recycled Plastic Hook
The only part of our packaging that remains plastic is the hangtag, though starting in 2022 we changed form using fossil fuel based plastics to certified GRS (Global Recycled Standard) plastics for this part.


Starting in 2021 we have changed our product development approach which combined with cooperating with better manufacturing partners has resulting in a healthier development and production planning - allowing us to drastically reduce the need for airfreight and use tansportation methods that generate far less carbon emissions.


Code of Conduct

At LINQ byELEMENTS we work on the basis of a Code of Conduct, a set of rules which serve to provide guidance with respect to business ethics and help employees maintain ethical behaviour. All LINQ byELEMENTS partners are expected to sign and comply with our Code of Conduct.

Our Code of Conduct endorses the principles specified in the UN Global Compact.

Not only do we expect our partners to adhere to our Code of Conduct but aslo we only work with partners that follow Social Accountability standards such as BSCI or Sedex accreditations.
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