Pro Multiport Hubs

The first collection in the market with
100W PD,
USB3.2 Gen2, 10Gbps

and HDMI 2.0, 4K@60Hz
on all hubs.

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Pro Multiport USB-C Hubs

Are you tired of having limited USB ports on your laptop? Do you wish to expand the number of ports available? Look no further than our USB-C hubs. Our hub stations come in a variety of ports and connectors, perfect for all your needs. Whether you have a MacBook, laptop, tablet or high-end smartphone equipped with a USB-C connection, our hub stations are made specifically for your mobile device.

Expand Your Device's Capabilities

At LINQ, we understand the importance of convenience, which is why our products are designed for ease of use. Our hub stations require no complicated installation, simply insert the cable into the device and you're ready to go. Our collection of hub stations is carefully crafted with your mobile device in mind, ensuring that you have all the ports you need without sacrificing mobility.

But that's not all - our Pro Multiport USB-C Hubs provide all the essential connections to unlock the full potential of your device. With up to 100W Power Delivery and USB3.2 Gen2 syncing at 10Gbps, you'll be able to supercharge your device and transfer data quickly and efficiently. Plus, you can pair an additional display and enjoy 4K/60Hz HD resolution for even more capabilities.

Premium designs with durable materials

All of our Multiport USB-C Hub Stations feature a stylish aluminum casing made from recyclable materials, and come with an integrated USB-C cable made of woven nylon that is wear- and tear-resistant. Our products are packed and protected in 100% paper packaging, and the plastic used is completely recycled, making them not only futureproof but also sustainable.

Broaden Your Workspace with LINQ

Whether you're looking for a hub with basic features, such as the LINQ 5-in-1 MultiPort Hub, or one with the highest specifications available, like our LINQ Pro Studio line-up, LINQ offers advanced  Multiport USB-C Hub that will cater to your needs. With various designs and features, our compact and functional hubs are an excellent addition to your desk or hybrid work-from-home office, complementing your laptop or MacBook perfectly. Browse our collection to explore all of our USB-C hubs and find the perfect hub station for you.

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