Pro Cables

Features specs that are the highest available in the industry. Specifications that are becoming the standard on Gaming such as
4K/144Hz or even 8K/60Hz, 2.5Gbps Ethernet for that even more stable internet connection and the newest USB4.0

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LINQ Pro Cables

A single LINQ cable is all it takes to get the full desktop experience from your laptop. For optimal charging, connecting and syncing of data, we offer a wide collection of cables with the best specifications available. These specifications are becoming the standard for gaming and will get the most out of every laptop and MacBook. In addition, you can combine the Pro cables perfectly with our Multiport USB-C Hubs and HDMI-adapters. The design of the cables match beautifully with your laptop or MacBook and also feature the same stunning look as our LINQ products. All Pro cables feature a beautiful aluminum casing made from recycled materials. Also, the charging cables are made of woven nylon which makes them highly resistant to pulling and bending. All Pro cables can be used immediately and do not require complicated installations.

High quality charging cables

At LINQ you can find charging cables for different user situations. For example, in our assortment you will find various Displayports and HDMI cables which deliver breathtaking resolutions up to 8K/60Hz. With these cables you can connect a large monitor to your laptop or MacBook and thus work and play games even more efficiently. Doesn't your device have a display or HDMI port? Then use one of our Pro Studio hubs and give your device more ports and extra features to suit your needs. Do you also want to charge devices at high speed? Then choose LINQ's charging cable. Our charging cables offer charging power from 100W to even 240W. They also support Power Delivery, which significantly reduces charging time and allows you to enjoy ultra fast charging.

Sustainable and responsible products

We at LINQ believe it is our responsibility to positively impact the production and life cycle of our products. Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint starts with our products, including our charging cables. In fact, it is our goal to use increasingly eco-friendly and/or recyclable materials and to minimize waste. Our products are made from 100% recycled materials. Plus, our products are packed, protected and shipped in 100% paper packaging. The small amount of plastic used in this process is also completely recycled. So with LINQ's products you get the most out of your device and contribute to a better environment.

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