Ethernet adapters

Our Ethernet adapters are not only quick and effortless to install, just plug & play, but they provide even faster wired Multi-Gigabit internet connectivity for when you need secure and stable connections for gaming, streaming content of having videocalls.

Up to 2,5 Gbps

Experience ultra fast and secure internet connections with this wired multi-gigabit ethernet adapter. Provides stable wired internet, perfect for your long gaming sessions or work that requires strong and consistent internet connection. Speeds up to 2,5Gbps/2500Mbps

Perfect for on-the-go!

Your go-to solution for upgrading your internet and network connectivity, this USB-C adapter does not require any additional power source, yet still provides Multi-Gig Ethernet.

RJ45 Ethernet

Using the RJ45 internet cable will probably provide a more stable and secure connection during video calls then WiFi. Actually video-calls use a compressed video format to drastically save bandwidth and amount of data to be transferred. These video calls only use a fraction of the Gigabit bandwidth.

Extended Connectivity
Without Compromise

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