Please do note that our multiport hubs do not convert a regular USB-C port to USB-C Power Delivery (PD). Check with your laptop manufacturer to verify if your laptop supports Power Delivery (PD).
No, to allow up to 100W Charging we had to make a dedicated port for charging. This PD charging port can be recognized by the lightning bolt symbol. If you connect the Power Cable to the Data Port your laptop will not charge.
Check your charging cable if there are any damages or cuts, damaged charging cables can reduce the transfer of electricity from the outlet to your device. Alternatively, ensure the correct wattage power adapter and/or cable is used. Please refer to your device specification and manual for more information regarding the charging of your device.
Not every USB-C to USB-C cable is rated for the same wattage. It is always recommended to use the charging cable (or a cable with higher wattage) that came with your device for charging. Please refer to your device PD charging specification/manual to identify the correct minimum rating required.
To achieve the optimal charging speed, it is required to use a 100W or higher rated USB-C cable on a 96W power adapter. Both adapter and cable needs to have same high rating as otherwise one or the other would become a limiting bottleneck.

Please do note that there is a standard 5-8% loss in the hub when using the pass through charging on our multiport hub.

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